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App Concepting

To stay ahead of the future, we invent the future! Yep, we are crazy enough to think that we can change the world. Currently we’re working on innovative mobile app concepts. Check our news regularly to stay informed!

App Development

The focus of future apps is shifting more and more from websites to mobile and to other devices. We’re ahead of the future by using the latest development tools and techniques to build astonishing apps for your business. To get the most out of an app we can’t treat each device in the same way. Therefore we always develop apps for its latest device capabilities and guidelines.

App Design

Designing astonishing apps means more than giving buttons a color. Even-though it’s very difficult, we always thrive to leave unnecessary steps away from the user’s experience. For the best possible user experience we keep the design guidelines for the targeted devices in mind. The beautiful ‘sauce’ of your future app will be designed using the latest trends.

  • Achtung! We’re back! And it’s totally free! Achtung iPad https://t.co/Lg76GvAZN2, Achtung Duo iPhone https://t.co/pkGv4KvzhA
    52 days ago
  • Nice, gefeliciteerd @thefactore! https://t.co/rPcuJPhpN3
    249 days ago
  • RT @thefactore: Goed nieuws! We zijn samen met @TweetTactus genomineerd voor een DIA Award! Lees hier met welke case: https://t.co/zTxYprQx…
    249 days ago

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