Popular doorbell app forced to change its name


Since the release of the Ding Dong doorbell app in November 2012, it has become quite popular. Ding Dong is a unique app that allows you to ring someone’s door using hilarious sounds through notifications. Unfortunately for Astral Vision, the company behind Ding Dong, the app has come into conflict with another Ding Dong app builder. Since late May, the other app builder registered “Ding Dong” as a brand all over the world. Not much later, they’ve forced Astral Vision to change their app name by threatening them with a lawsuit.

After some consultation between the two app builders Astral Vision decided to invent a new name to reposition their app into the app market. They’ve challenged themselves to come up with an app name that reflects the old name and also sounds funny. Eventually they came up with the very unusual app name “gniD gnoD”, which is the reflection of the old “Ding Dong” logo.

Reinier Wieringa stated; “Our company has the philosophy to build apps with passion and joy. Our new app name resembles this by literally reflecting such a negative experience into a positive one. By doing something unusual we eventually had great fun about it.”

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