Brein de baas

brein de baas


Android & iPhone


We were commissioned by theFactor.e to develop this app for their client Tactus. The technique behind the app was created by Astral Vision and theFactor.e created the design.


Online training program for adults who want to reduce or stop their alcohol consumption independently.

Access code for the app – 0298 –

Note: There is still a study into the effectiveness of the training.

About the training
Sometimes you consciously choose to drink alcohol while some other times it happens unconsciously. For example, when you have already grabbed the next drink at a party. You often have no control over this unconscious and automatic response. This is similar with other habits such as typing or driving. You can learn a new automatic response through repeated exercise. This is what the Breindebaas training teaches you.

100 images of drinks will be shown during a training session. The intention of the exercise is to make you ‘swipe’ the alcoholic drinks away from you and swipe the non-alcoholic drinks towards you. This way you can learn a new automatic response to avoid drinking alcohol unconsciously.

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